January 21, 2021
Shopping centers will ask visitors to keep order
Mall Management group shopping centers (Salaris and Columbus shopping malls) based on the Okdesk platform have created a digital environment for instant response to all requests for comfort and service. Now every visitor of shopping centers can complain about any shortcomings, leave a wish or tell how to make shopping malls Salaris and Columbus better.

To do this you need a smartphone and a couple of clicks. "The increase in the number of requests that occurred after the launch of this part of the project confirms that communication has become much faster and more convenient. And, as a consequence, the response to problems - also. In 2020, more than 30 thousand maintenance requests have been created and solved in Salaris and Columbus shopping malls, more than 10 000 requests and feedback from visitors have been received, and more than 19.5 thousand work requests have been coordinated by the management team for tenants. Shopping malls tend not to turn away from possible problems, but to solve them", - said Sergey Vadyaev, Mall Management Group's Director of Shopping Centers Management.

If earlier the list of planned works, including requests from visitors, was kept in a special journal and Excel tables, and guests often did not receive prompt feedback, now anyone can easily register requests and see the result of their fulfillment via Telegram-bot and web-form. Appeals are created in a couple of clicks, and the response is immediate.

"The world around us is constantly changing. Growing consumer demands require constant compliance with trends, including technological ones. Refusing to use automation tools in shopping malls today is comparable to using a push-button phone. Mall Management Group has chosen an innovative way of development, and we are happy to help them in this," - commented Igor Kudinov, head of industry solutions development and integration Okdesk.

Tenants also need to record requests for various works: from decoration of shop windows to coordination of marketing activities. To date, the management of the mall together with the platform has developed a full-fledged personal cabinet for tenants on the basis of the system used to transfer the interaction on all issues in electronic form. Mall Management Group has chosen an innovative way of development and will continue to improve in this direction, scaling effective solutions to the shopping centers in the company's portfolio: Salaris, Columbus, Paveletskaya Plaza.