November 2018
Paveletskaya Plaza shopping center will merge with Paveletskaya metro station
Mall Management Group Management Company presented for the first time at the Mapic Russia exhibition the long-awaited project of the underground shopping and entertainment center "Paveletskaya Plaza".
The construction of T Ts began in the fall of 2018 and will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020. In place of the famous long construction site on the square in front of Paveletskiy railway station, a modern city park will appear on 2.8 hectares with venues for city festivals, concerts, with an area for an ice rink or festive festivities.

"We ve been looking for the right solution for the underground shopping center for a long time, - said Alina Strelkova, director of development and commerce of the facilities group, Mall Management Group, in the Mapic Russia Conference on retail real estate and retail. It used to be that shopping centers were organized pragmatically and concisely so that nothing would distract from shopping. Today, in order to attract shoppers, it is important to invest in public spaces where people can socialize and have a good time. That is why we decided to combine the Paveletskaya Plaza shopping center with a park, creating a point of attraction for citizens. Thanks to the huge atriums, visitors coming down from the park to the shopping center will not have a feeling of confined space.

The shopping center will include 3 underground levels (2 retail and parking), total area of 73,000 sqm, retail area of 35,000 sqm.

The architectural concept of the project is being developed by the famous bureau 5+Design, whose projects have been successfully realized in China, Japan, UAE and other countries.

After the completion of the new shopping mall and public space, Paveletskaya Square will acquire a completed and modern look, which will favorably emphasize the architecture of the station itself.

Mall Managment Group's portfolio also includes Salaris shopping mall and Columbus mixed-use development.

Earlier it was reported that Globus opened for the first time in a shopping center.