9 февраля 2024
New shopping malls are moving away from small slices of space to large formats
Moscow shopping and entertainment centers that are preparing for commissioning in Moscow are moving away from the concept of small slicing of areas and now prefer to enlarge the commissioned objects, said Alina Strelkova, Director for Management and Development of Mall Management Group. Mall Management Group is the developer of Kuzminki Mall, the largest shopping mall commissioned this year.
The trend for small slicing of premises was formed after the covid restrictions and the beginning of the special operation, when Western brands, which were often anchor tenants in shopping centers, left Russia en masse. Owners of shopping centers began to apply a new approach: to attract smaller tenants to smaller areas. This was especially important for small district shopping centers. However, in two years the trends have changed.

"When we planned Kuzminki Mall, we deliberately chose a small slicing, as we thought that the district center would attract small stores and sole proprietorships. But in practice we see both in our project and in other shopping malls being prepared for commissioning that there is a tendency to enlargement. This is partly due to the fact that retail chains are changing their product matrix and now require larger areas. For example, Re:Store, which used to specialize in Apple equipment, is now expanding its assortment and adding new brands, so there is a need for more space. And this is the process that many players are going through now. That is why the trend for enlargement is replacing small slicing", - says Alina Strelkova.

In addition, the reason for enlargement is the fact that tenants who would be suitable for small spaces often do not have enough investments for finishing.

"Kuzminki Mall will become the largest shopping mall to be opened this year. Its total area is 70 thousand square meters, leasable area is 33 thousand square meters. Today the mall under construction with three shopping levels is 94% ready and more than 90% full. More than 40% of the space will be occupied by clothing and footwear stores, 20% - stores for children and entertainment, 10% - gastronomic space. The shopping center's gastronomic concept includes more than 20 café formats. The opening is expected in the first quarter.

In Moscow, 18 shopping and entertainment centers are planned to be commissioned in 2024. These are mostly small neighborhood shopping malls, but there are also really large projects. The largest one - "Kuzminki Mall" in the Moscow district of the same name will occupy an area of more than 70 thousand square meters. m. Also this year large projects are expected in Rostokino - REC Botanica with the area of more than 60 thousand square meters, REC in "Dom Chkalov" with the area of more than 50 thousand square meters in Basmanny district and "Afimoll Tverskaya" near Belorussky railway station with the area of more than 20 thousand square meters.