"Mall Management Group" became a member of the Presidium of the Russian Council of Shopping Centers (RSTC).
June 29, 2020.
On June 29, the Russian Council of Shopping Centers (RSTC) held a meeting to elect a new presidium.

The key tasks of RSTC with the new presidium will be systematic interaction with the government and banks at the first-person level, systematic improvement of the environment for the industry, as well as mutual coordination of support measures for shopping centers. In addition, training and certification programs, as well as information and image components of the industry will be expanded and strengthened. Serious attention will be focused on the development of expert solutions for the industry.

As part of the systematic work of the professional organization, data collected in the field will be processed and provided to the executive authorities to adjust the legislative and regulatory framework. The new level of competence of RSTC will allow to easily separate retail real estate from other types of real estate in regulatory documents, to distinguish between modern shopping centers and other rental properties, to influence the scheme of cadastral value determination. Joining efforts of RSTC members will give an opportunity to improve the legislative base: to introduce their own industry-friendly bills, to form the basis for responding to new unforeseen situations.

At the moment, the RSTC Presidium includes nine members:
- Dmitry Moskalenko - A.N.D. Corporation JSC
- Nikolay Artyomenko - Molltek LLC
- Olga Antonova - Crocus International JSC
- Sergey Vadyaev - Mall Management Group LLC
- Viktor Grigoryan - Tashir M LLC
- Martin Schaffer - PPF Real Estate Russia LLC
- Sergey Ryabokobylko - Cushman & Wakefield LLC
- Pavel Chekryzhov - Atrium Management LLC
- Oleg Voytsekhovsky - Managing Director, RSTC

The Russian Council of Shopping Centers is a professional organization of developers, architects, marketing specialists, managers, owners of shopping centers and retail, catering and service operators. The Council was established in June 2002.

The mission of RSTC is to contribute to the establishment, promotion and improvement of shopping centers in the Russian market.