January 27, 2024
Lots of light, greenery and wood: finishing of the shopping mall in "Kuzminki Mall" is being completed
Construction of Kuzminki Mall shopping and entertainment center continues near Kuzminki metro station. All works are on the finishing line: facade finishing and installation of engineering systems have been completed, interior finishing is being finalized. The nearby Kuzminki Park inspired the designers of Blank Architects to create a space filled with light, greenery, wood and the aesthetics of living nature.
Shopping galleries and public spaces will occupy 3 floors. Blank Architects has envisioned different design solutions and techniques for each of them. However, all of them will be united by a common concept - the interaction between man and nature. Here you will be able to catch the moment - contemplation and meditation by the water or light harmony, as on walks in the forest.

"The shopping center is located in a unique place, next to a large forest park with a diverse landscape and functional zones, so when designing the interiors we could not help but take into account the meaningful context. Tactile surfaces, the use of natural harmonious shades will ensure that the interiors blend with the environment of the shopping mall. In the design of spaces we used stone and wood textures, in the color scheme we adhered to a laconic palette, and bright accents highlight the food court and places for recreation. Warm daylight maintains a sense of calmness in visitors. Different functional zones are highlighted by a choice of greenery: from cachepots and dried flowers to tropical plants in the food court zone, where a real technological garden has been formed," - Anatoly Artov, Head of Interiors Department of the Russian office of Blank Architects.

The architecture of the building also corresponds to the concept. Two roof supports at the entrance to the shopping mall with their silhouette repeat the trees, the crown of which is the roof of the building. The facade is finished with metal panels with artistic perforations depicting trees and plant ornaments.

In the interiors, the concept is conveyed through materials rich in texture and color. Ceramic tiles in the color of natural stone and wood are used, as well as embossed wooden panels on the walls and ceiling.

The galleries will house a variety of stores, with glass windows complemented by wood panel elements. The flooring will have a similar shade. Bright colors in the interior will add lounge areas, for which saturated shades are provided in the upholstery of furniture and other elements.

"In the era of online sales, a person needs visual and tactile contact, emotions and impressions. At the same time, a district shopping center should satisfy all the basic needs of a district resident, for the sake of which he used to go to the city center," comments Alina Strelkova, director of management and development of Mall Management Group.

Contrasting solutions were chosen for the food court zone and children's spaces. The food court will be located in the view zone, where the facade glazing is made.
Wooden furniture was chosen for the food court, and wooden small architectural forms were chosen for the recreation and children's play areas. In addition, the project provides for active greening of the space: cachepots will be built into sofas, armchairs, tables and even lamps.

Lighting is integrated into the perforated ceiling. Three spacious atriums of the shopping mall with a glass roof will be filled with natural light.

Premises in the shopping center are leased to tenants shell & core, so they do the finishing themselves. Many tenants have already started finishing, among them are Econika, Rendez-Vous, Laetual, Gloria Jeans, Cozy Home, Detsky Mir, Sportmaster, DNS, Henderson, Befree, Zarina, Doubleby coffee house, Just Up trampoline center, food court operators Moremania, Batoni, Net Viet and others.

The new shopping center will be the largest of those planned for commissioning this year in Moscow. Commissioning of the shopping center is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024

In "Kuzminki Mall" it is planned to open a supermarket, home goods stores, popular fashion and sports brands, children's stores and entertainment centers, as well as a gastronomic space for dozens of cafe and restaurant concepts. Over the last month, the mall's occupancy rate has reached 91%, and construction works are 95% complete.