September 28, 2021
Landscape park, underground city and TPU: how Paveletsky Railway Station Square is changing
Paveletsky Railway Station Square - one of the capital's largest long-lasting buildings - is planned to be reconstructed by the end of 2021. Sergey Sobyanin earlier opened the central part of the park in front of the station. On the queue multi-level underground shopping center with a large parking lot, the launch of a full-fledged and the largest transport and interchange hub and other improvement works.

Landscape park on the roof
According to the readiness of the Paveletsky Station square will be a landscape park of 3 hectares, part of which will be located on the roof of the underground shopping center.

The central part of the object will be a square with a fountain and an amphitheater for recreation, and the main decoration of the park will be glass roofs-shelters of oval shape with bent up visors. Above one of the entrances to the complex there will be a green recreation area with wooden decks and a perimeter promenade.

In addition, the park will be decorated with green hills and pedestrian paths made of natural stone. Lawns and flower beds will be laid everywhere. At the same time, about 350 deciduous and coniferous trees and 18 thousand shrubs will be planted. Benches and urns will be installed.

There are also bicycle paths for lovers of more active recreation. The park will also be perfect for a cozy evening promenade: the atmosphere will be created by lanterns of different shapes, heights and sizes. The play of light and shadow will emphasize the unconventional nature of the space.

Underground shopping center
The shopping center under the park is at the final stages of work. Earlier it was reported that the facility may open as early as November this year. The five-level shopping mall with an area of 73 thousand square meters was built underground to better fit into the surrounding space.

The main entrance to the underground shopping mall will be located opposite Paveletskiy railway station. Through it the passengers will be able to get to the first, the uppermost level by an open staircase. Then by escalators they will go deep into the complex - to the main part, above which a glass ceiling in the form of a seashell will be erected. Two more entrances to the underground city will be located closer to Dubininskaya Street and from the side of the Garden Ring.

TPU Paveletskaya
Reconstruction of Paveletskaya Square is only a part of the development project of one of the largest transportation and interchange hubs. Paveletskaya TPU will unite Paveletsky Station with its not only intercity but also regular suburban routes, stations of the same name of the Koltsevaya and Zamoskvoretskaya lines, as well as routes of ground urban transportation.