April 18, 2019
The first concept of "Paveletskaya Plaza " - a shopping center on the  site of a long construction site has appeared
Mall Management Group at Mapic Russia exhibition for the first time presented the project of underground shopping and entertainment center "Paveletskaya Plaza". This was reported by Malls.ru.

The shopping center on the place of the long construction on Paveletskaya Plaza began to build anew in September last year. The total area of the shopping center "Paveletskaya Plaza" will be 73 thousand square meters. The shopping center will be directly connected to the metro, it is supposed to build three underground levels. About a quarter of the area of the new shopping center will be occupied by catering facilities: restaurants, cafes, food courts, food markets and supermarkets.
"We ve been looking for the right solution for an underground shopping center for a long time. It used to be that shopping centers were organized pragmatically and concisely, so that nothing distracted from shopping. Today, in order to attract shoppers, it is important to invest in public spaces where people can socialize and have a good time. That is why we decided to combine the Paveletskaya Plaza shopping center with a park, creating a point of attraction for citizens. Thanks to the huge atriums, visitors coming down from the park to the shopping center will not have a feeling of enclosed space", — said Alina Strelkova, Director of Development and Commerce of Mall Management Group.

The construction of the shopping center is planned to be completed in 2020. It started back in 2007, but two years later the construction stopped and became the subject of multilateral legal proceedings. The construction site became the subject of jokes when the Yandex. Maps service began to recognize the flooded construction pit as a water body.